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NZDating Standard Membership

The free dating service for Kiwis

NZDating provides a comfortable, safe and fun environment for meeting others in your area from the comfort and safety of your home or workplace.

NZDating is easy to use and provide all the facilities to advertise yourself, search and locate potential partners, send messages to friends and potential partners and get involved in the 100,000+ NZDating community with events, live chat and message boards. You can remain anonymous within NZDating using our own messaging and chat facilities for as long as you wish or until you decide to meet, phone or exchange emails.

Best of all, all of these basic facilities are FREE!

NZDating provides standard and silver membership for free, or if you are more serious about finding a friend or partner, to really take advantage of the services NZDating can provide you can increase the features below by upgrading your account at any stage for as little as $19.95 for three months to a paid Gold Membership.

Contact other members for free

Free web-based NZDating email
NZDating provides a free internal email system. Completely seperate from your own email address members can safely contact you and be contacted in the safety zone of NZDating. Complete with a contact list so you can keep track of members you are interested in talking with and a blocking feature to prevent members from contacting you in the future.

The email service comes with Inbox and Outbox as well as a contact screen

Free advertising listing
Once you configure your advertisement you receive a free listing in the NZDating search system, where other members can search and contact you. At any stage adding or removing yourself from the search is a tick box away

NZDating allows members to list people matching their criteria and you to optionally display your ad

Free Content and Contact Control
This highly advanced feature of NZDating lets all members control how they wish to use NZDating, with four settings (Conservative, Adverage, Adult and Custom) you can easily control blocking rude pictures, swear words, and prevent people from contacting you.

NZDating allows members to personalise the NZDating experience for them, without limiting other members

Upload and control your photos Free
NZDating provides an advanced photo processing system that allows you to upload and resize your photos. Once uploaded you can use your photos in your advert, restrict them to your friends or keep them only for sending to members via NZDating email. Standard Members can store two photos, Silver members can store four and Gold members can store 40.

NZDating members can upload their own photos and restrict them to specific members for privacy

Instantly upgrade to a Silver membership for free
Just by providing your real ISP email address such as rather than a free or overseas email such as you will be instantly upgraded to a silver membership. For their own safety many members choose to not allow contact with free addresses such as Hotmail and this is one way to upgrade for free. Your email address is never revealed to other members and for the added trust in giving us your real address we provide silver members with the ability to store four photos, higher positions in search results and showing that we have a better idea that you are a real New Zealand user we provide a silver star beside your name.

Free membership to the NZDating community

NZDating Messageboards
One on one is great, but NZDating goes better, providing the NZDating Messageboards, allowing you to mix with and find out more about other members, ask advice on dating and other questions. New members beware - we have members that describe the entertainment value as highly addictive!
NZDating Events
NZDating is truely a community and its members are often throwing parties or organising events to help members meet other members, NZDating provides a service where members can list events and other members can add or remove themselves from the list of people wishing to attend.
NZDating Chat Room
If you computer is Java equipped join our lively chat room, day or night you can always find the regular chatters talking in real time about everything under the sun.
NZDating Horoscopes
Illidia Starwoman produces some of the best daily horoscopes in the country, and love them or hate them, NZDating members have easy access to them. Let Illidia predict your day and help open your eyes to the events around you.

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