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  The serious dating service for sincere Kiwis

If you're serious about finding that special friend or partner you need an NZDating Gold Membership.

While NZDating membership is free, NZDating Gold Membership dramatically increases your profile and visibility on NZDating, making sure you are noticed and taken more seriously by other NZDating members, while the additional features allow you to more easily find and keep track of members you are particularly interested in.

Gold Membership is completely affordable at only $14.95 for a one month trial gold membership, $27.95 for three months, $39.95 for six months or $59.95 for a full year.

If you don't already have a free NZDating account, we recommend you Join Now and have a look around the site, and then return here to upgrade your account. If you already have an account please Login.

How do I become a Gold member? First you must become a member of NZDating which is completely free, we recommend you have a look around the free services then when you are ready return to the Gold membership page and upgrade yourself, if you use a credit card it is instant.

Bold listings that come first
Finding members and being found is one of the most important features NZDating can provide its members. Gold members are automatically placed ahead of non-Gold members in search results giving that special person a far better chance of finding you for friendship or a relationship. Upgrade now!

Gold Member listings in Search Results come first and are highlighted to stand out amongst the non-Gold Members

Inclusion in 'Perfect Match' lists for all members
NZDating's Pefect Match intelligent rating system allows you to put in the most important criteria you seek in a partner and then ranks all other NZDating members according to how well they meet your criteria. NZDating Gold members have all NZDating members included in their match lists, whereas non-gold members only have Gold in their perfect match lists - giving Gold members a double benefit! Upgrade now!

Enhanced Profile and Advert
Gold members can store and display up to 40 photos and new profile stats display how many members have viewed your profile, by day, week & month. If things start getting a little busy - Gold members can restrict access to their profile to other Gold members only Upgrade now!

Gold member profiles show you how many members have viewed your profile, and can have up to 20 photos

Gold Member Star and highlighting
Being noticed in a crowd is no longer an art form for Gold members! Bold descriptions and a different background highlight a Gold member anywhere in search results, with your Gold star a good indication of your sincerity. For the rest of the site the Gold star follows you around making you stand out. Upgrade now!

Sort your search results
Gold members can sort their search results to suit, look for other Gold Members, find out who was last online, the most recent ad changes, who signed up recently or show people with photos first. Upgrade now!

Find the Newest Members Fast!

Check out NZDating's newest members with a single click! Formatted like the 'Who's Online' search, you can limit the new member search to Men or Women and the area they live in. Upgrade now!

Access the more serious members

Many serious daters become Gold members, and are likely to limit contact to other Gold members to ensure only the most sincere members can contact them. Upgrade now!

Limit search by Last time online

Ensure you are contacting active NZDating members by limiting search results to those members who have been online recently that meet your criteria. Gold members can limit the search results to people who have been online in the last hour, day, week or month. Upgrade now!

Auto block by Age

NZDating Gold members can specify their ideal age range and choose to limit contact to members in their desired age range. Upgrade now!

Access many more members

In addition to the many extra searching features Gold members enjoy, they also are not limited in the number of matching members returned - so if your search yields 1000 members - you can sort and view all those 1000 members!Upgrade now!

Online Indicator

Instantly tell if other members are online in messageboards and other locations with the online indicator that appears next to each member's username. Upgrade now!

Member Reply Ratio

Have you ever not been replied to when first approaching a member? Gold members can quickly see a 'Reply Ratio' of how likely a member is to reply based on their previous history with new approaches. Upgrade now!

Buddy Lists

Use 'Buddy' lists for better messagingEasily see when your Buddies are online
Limit photos to your 'Buddies'Buddy 'email chat' feature

Easily see which of your buddies are online, and use 'email chat' to strike up a conversation!

Enhanced NZDating Email

Gold Email Message CentreAbility to sort messages
Message Tracking Feature lets you see when your messages are read!Add Emoticons to Emails
Retract unread messagesAdd bold and italic text styles to your messages

The Gold Member message centre keeps you on top of your NZDating messages

Emoticons and knowing when mail you send gets read adds life to your messaging

Enhanced Community Features bring you right into the NZDating Community

Enhanced Messageboards

Easily follow your Favourite ThreadsView the latest threads across all areas
Ability to create 10 new threads per dayAccess Gold member-only messageboards
Add emoticons to messagesAdd photos & emoticons to your posts
Add bold and italic text styles to your posts

Follow your favourite threads in the enhanced messageboard centre

Enhanced Events

Ability to host 10 events (std. limit is one)Ability to create Invite-Only Events
Cool event statistics such as average age, male/female ratio gives Gold Members the heads up on all the coolest NZDating events

Create up to 10 invite-only events only visible to those specifically invited

Better Customer Support

Priority SupportSite help service

Access special Gold areas

Gold Member only messageboardsGold Member special events

If you don't already have a free NZDating account, we recommend you Join Now and have a look around the site, and then return here to upgrade your account. If you already have an account please Login.