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What's new at NZDating

What have we added and/or changed in NZDating lately?

In February 2010, NZDating was re-released in an all new format, with better compatibility, faster access to your favourite NZDating features and many new enhancements and modernisations to add value to your experience.

Please find a summary of the major changes made in early 2010 below:

Wide Screen Layout Option

One of the most common comments we received when trialling the new site was the fixed-width layout created more whitespace on either side of the page when viewed in newer widescreen LCD monitors. We're happy to say NZDating members now have the choice to expand the layout to use more of this space - find this option in the 'Settings' menu, under 'Site Settings'

New Gold Member Features

The new NZDating website adds a huge number of new features for NZDating Gold Members - some subtle, and others that'll make you wonder how you ever lived without them! Here's a taste of what the new site offers Gold members...
there's just so much more for gold members...
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New Site Features for All Members

While the new NZDating website adds a huge number of new features for NZDating Gold Members, non-Golds also have a bunch of improvements with the new site

There's lots of cool new features for Golds on the new site, but don't just take our word for it... have a decent look around!

Member Adverts

New notifications / alerts (Gold Only)

Personal chat

Improved personal chat directly from your 'contacts online' dynamic drop down menu (Gold Only)


Improved email member newsletter format for all members

Community Section

New main community portal page bringing together summaries of member events, message boards, chat, success stories, and horoscopes

Messageboards Events Chat

New Gold Home page (Gold members only)

New home page



Vastly improved spell checker with new NZ dictionary to reduce those embarrassing spelling mistakes...


Access NZDating from your Mobile Phone!

In 2009 NZDating launched a mobile version of NZ's best dating service, and more recently we improved it with a lot of extra features, and an interface more suited to the popular touch screen type mobile phones.

Logged in NZDating Gold members now have a special Gold Centre section of the mobile site giving them easy access to their favourite NZDating features such as:
NZDating is available directly from your XT's phone's WAP menu, or by typing in the address.

To access NZDating mobile on your cellphone or PDA use this address:

What's New Summary: September 2003

Due to the overwhelming popularity and growth of NZDating, during September 2003 this site was totally rebuilt using the latest Microsoft .NET technologies and the very latest in optimisation techniques.

Even though it looks similar, rest assured a lot has changed behind the scenes, and regular visitors will have already noticed significant improvements and new features

The end result is a more reliable and pleasurable NZDating experience!

All of the facilities of the old site remain, and we've enhanced these and added a host of new features to make even more effective and fun to use...

What's New Summary: October 2003

New Looking for love...'looking for love' feature
If you are serious about finding a long term special friend or partner we have added a great new FREE way to ensure others who feel the same way can more easily find you - while those less serious will also easily see why you're on NZDating. If this suits you, have a look at NZDating's new 'Looking For Love' programme

New Events Features

New Messageboard Features

New Profile Features





Buddies and Contacts

What's New Summary: February 2003

Logging in

New Membership Levels






There are many other improvements and we will continue to refine and add more hopefully based on your feedback

Have Fun!
NZDating Staff